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Apostolic Truth Ministries Worldwide

KJV, Sacred Name Scriptures using Yahvah, Apostolic Holiness, 7th Day

Overseer's Welcome

We are glad that you stopped by to visit Lighthouse Assembly, ATMW.
I pray that you are blessed by what you read here at Apostolic Truth Ministries Worldwide.

We are a Sabbath Keeping Pentecostal Onessness Apostolic Sacred Names Organization.
We use the 1599 Geneva and the King James,Sacred Name King James and believe just as the Scripture tells us to believe.

We are an Organization that is in the United States, Africa, India, and the Philippines, South America

As time moves on we hope to have more things on our site, more articles and other things.

As of 4/15/16 I have been in the Ministry 40 years, 16 years as Presiding General Overseer and have been blessed to have a sweet wonderful wife for 25 + years, being married 11/21/1987.

Yahvah, is in the business of saving souls and baptizing them in the Name of Yahvahosha Messiah.
My question too you today is, have you ever accepted Yahvahosha Messiah as your personal Saviour and be baptized according to Acts 2:38,
"Baptized in the Name of Yahvahosha Messiah for the remission of sins?"

If you have not accepted Him or been baptized in His true Name now is the day to do it.
Call on His name, repent of your sins and then find a true Names Keeping Preacher and be baptized in Yahvahosha Messiah.

Thank you for stopping by here and may Yahvahosha Messiah bless you richly.