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Apostolic Truth Ministries Worldwide

KJV, Sacred Name Scriptures using Yahvah, Apostolic Holiness, 7th Day

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New Moons & Feast Days 2020

New Moons For the Rest of 2020


Aug 18th 6th

Sept 17th 7th

Oct 16th 8th

Nov 14th 9th

Dec 14th 10th

Sept 16th at the end at twilight starting of the 17th is Trumpets

Sept 25 at the end at twilight the beginning of the 26th is Atonement 24 hour fast, no food or water

Sept 29th at the ending at twilight the beginning of the 30th is Feast of Tabernacles for 7 days

30th of Sept thru 6th of Oct

Oct 7th Last Great Day. 30th of Sept and Oct 7th High Day.





Apr 15, 2020 44 years in Ministry. 20 years as Apostle/Presiding General Overseer

Nov 21st Apostle's Anniversary 33 years to my wife