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New Moons & Feast Days 2021

Jan 13th     11th New Moon

Feb 11th    12th New Moon

Mar 12th    1st New Moon

Apr 11th    2nd New Moon

May 11th   11th New Moon

June 10th   4th New Moon

July 09th    5th New Moon

Aug 08th    6th New Moon

Sep 06th    7th New Moon

Oct 06th    8th New Moon

Nov 09th   9th New Moon

Dec 10th   10th New Moon


Feast Days for 2021

Msr 25th is the Passover Memorial which is at the beginning of Twilight starting of the 25th of Mar or the end of the 24th

Mar 26th is the start of Unleavened Bread which starts at the beginning of the 26th of March at Twilight or the ending of the 25th

March 26th-April 1st is Unleavened Bread the 27th of March is a High Day and April 1st a High Day Sabbath

July 5th is Feast of Week (Pentecost) starts at twilight the beginning of the 5th

Sept 6th is Trumpets (Rosh Hashana) begins at twilight the starting of the 6th

Sept 15th is the Day of Atonement starts at twilight the beginning of the 15th. A 24 hour fast of no food or water.

Sept 20th is the First Day of Tabernacles starts at twilight the beginning of the 20th

Sept 20th-26th is the Feast of Tabernacles and the 20th is a High Day

Sept 27th is the Last Great Day starts at twilight the beginning of the 27th and is a High Day